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This Month's Krier
Happy Anniversary Killingworth!
Killingworth 350th
Are you ready to party like it was 1667? We are and we are getting ready! The year 2017 will mark the 350th anniversary of the naming of Killingworth. A Committee of Killingworth residents have already been hard at work planning a series of events to commemorate the 350th Anniversary. The committee, chaired by Lucinda Hogarty, has been meeting monthly and their mission is to plan a series of events to commemorate the milestone anniversary. Already in the planning stages are events like a Scavenger Hunt which will focus on historical sites around Killingworth. Historical event nights featuring places from Killingworth's past like Cowboy Valley, and, displays of historical artifacts, lectures, and talks at the Killingworth Library that will focus on a variety of Killingworth-centric topics like our one-room schoolhouses, our cemeteries and the Birds of Killingworth just to name a few! School contests and projects are also planned for Killingworth students to participate in learning about the town's history. This partial listing of events will culminate in a 350th year Anniversary parade and town picnic to be held over Labor Day weekend 2017.

The committee is looking to hear from local residents and businesses on a variety of topics.

We are looking for:
  • Local businesses or organizations that would like to help run, organize or "sponsor" one of the many planned events (to help defray expenses.)
  • There are plans underway to recognize what we have affectionately labelled "Killingworthies," residents who have lived consecutively for more than 60 years in Killingworth. Know of anyone who fits the bill and who you would like to recognize?
  • We are accepting suggestions for ideas, events and are looking to uncover any historical artifacts or other items of significance as well as info/artifacts from Cowboy Valley or any other aspect of town history.
Residents can reach the committee with ideas and information at: killingworth350@gmail.com Members of the committee are: Michelle Adametz, Fie Budzinsky, Linda Dudek, George DuPree Jr., Andrea Freibauer, Lucinda Hogarty, Thomas Lentz, Carl Nord, Michael Parahus, Franco Piscitelli, Les Riblet, Lewis Scranton, and Charles Smith.